We deliver integrated services with flexible design, specification and installation that seamlessly integrates with your project schedule. We provide added value to your project through our range of services ensuring you get the exact shading requirements that meet all your functional, environmental and operational needs, whilst remaining on budget and on schedule.

Technical thought leadership

With over 40 years of experience we have built up an extensive bank of knowledge that has been handed down over generations and time.

We relish buildings that pose complex problems because we know that we can always find a workable and design orientated solution for you that can meet your needs and match your window shading budget.

Our technical consultants will liaise with your Architects, Surveyors, Project Managers and Interior Designers to ensure that we jointly specify a solution that meets all functional requirements.

We work across all sectors and understand the challenges and requirements of each market sector. Please take a look at our case study page to see examples of the work we undertake across sectors.

Bespoke account management

Each of our valued clients is assigned their own unique Account Manager. Their duty is to act as a collaborative hub and to add value by understanding your business needs and strategies. Our Account Manager's sit at the heart of our business, with an overview of the full relationship, working with you both responsively and proactively with strategic and commercial road-mapping and the development of innovations and opportunities. The driving force behind our Account Management process is to create a seamless bond between our products and your needs and goals.

Design, specification & recommendation

We have a team of experts to help you design, specify and select the right system, operation and materials for the attributes and challenges of your building.

Whether your building is north, south, east or west facing, requires natural daylighting, passive solar heating or the blocking of infrared light and UV rays, needs solar gain or solar reduction we can advise you on the window shading options to meet the building and occupancy needs.

We will take into consideration all of your building requirements, whether it be to maintain a consistent room temperature or a combination of day and night temperatures, whilst ensuring that the building meets the highest BREEAM ratings, best practice energy efficiencies, reductions in running costs and energy emissions.

We will recommend window shading solutions to bring the outdoors in, the inside out and work around the challenges of unusual shaped windows, or heritage windows as well as ultra-modern windows and large glazed areas.

Our team will know all about the unique challenges of your building and will be able to advise you on the most appropriate system, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly materials and the operation that serves the purpose you need and complements your building design and space utilisation.

System & fabric selection

Our wide range of fabrics and systems means that you can select the design you need for all of your windows from the smallest roof window, or glass door partition to an entire wall of floor to ceiling windows or magnificent domed atrium.

Our intelligent fabrics are available in a huge choice of properties, finishes and colours. Our consultants will work with you through every step of the process to create a stunning shading environment that appeals aesthetically and meets technical, environmental and energy specifications as well as fulfilling the functional brief.

Window schedule & scoping

We know that construction projects are dependent upon many variable factors and as 'the last trade in' we ensure that our project planning and fulfilment teams are continually in touch with your Project Managers and on site teams to adjust project scope according to build variations and to alter window installation schedules against construction progress.

Technical estimations & onsite surveys

We understand the complex task of price comparisons and our estimations benefit from a full site survey in order that we fully understand the constraints of the construction project and can provide you with a realistic estimate and quote survey, rather than a rough estimate that may appear price competitive but will bear little resemblance to the reality of the project parameters.

Our estimation and surveying teams will work with you to understand both the technical aspects of the project, as well as your budget constraints, finding work around solutions, where necessary, that meet the specification and do not compromise on design and aesthetics.

Project management

Once a Stansons’ project becomes a live contract we assign a Project Manager. This important role controls the planning and implementation of every part of the project - from inception to delivering the final result. Stansons Project Managers are results-oriented people who, simply put, make things happen. First they define the project and its goals. Then they arrange the project into series of manageable tasks and deliverables. Lastly, they create a project team to carry out and complete the task. During the course of the project, the Project Manager becomes the single point of contact for all stakeholders. They assess, monitor and mitigate risks, whilst regularly informing stakeholders of the project’s progress.


Our fully accredited and experienced in-house installation team will work closely with your onsite operation so that the Stansons’ shading solution you have chosen integrates fully with your project schedule. We have dedicated lines of communication to ensure that you are kept up to date at every stage of the project installation and will be advised when the installation is completed. We pride ourselves on the experience and technical know-how of our dedicated install team who will always go the extra mile to complete the project on time and to schedule, making sure the site is left clean and tidy and that your chosen shading solution is fully functional.

Rapid installation

You and your clients can benefit from a service totally unique to Stansons - bespoke blinds supplied and installed in just 3 days. Only available from the company with the capacity, reputation and technical ability to serve the fast moving commercial industry.

This revolutionary service means that risk of missing a client deadline is dramatically reduced when the project has run late, if the blinds have been forgotten, or if it simply is a fast-paced project. Never again run the risk of handing over a project without the blinds being fully completed!

Maintenance agreement & aftercare

Even with the most robust window shading systems accidents will happen, repair will still be required over time and motorised systems will need to be periodically checked and maintained.

Knowing that you will want to keep your window shading in tip top working order and looking as good as the day it was installed we have created a series of maintenance options that ensure your window shading packages are regularly maintained and can be repaired, when necessary, in a responsive time frame.